Design Thinking with NUMA Learn
Ideate, test, prototype - Get hands on tools to really implement design thinking in your projects!

“User Experience”, “Pain Point”, “MVP”, “Prototype”… are concepts that you probably heard of if you are part of the startup and innovation ecosystems. Yet, behind the jargon all these notions carry the same core message: if you wish to create products or services, you must first find a problem worth solving, then you have to constantly test your market and iterate according to the feddback you get, listen to your users, use their experience, co-build with them… In simple terms: go out of the building and bring real experience to your project!

With its solid experience in mentoring startups since 2011, NUMA applies a hybrid methodology at the crossroads between Design Thinking and Lean Startup in order to create innovative products and services. In a nutshell, this training in Design Thinking lies on 3 principles:

* Empathizing with the users at the center of a design process;
* Going from idea to prototype in short iteration phases;
* Maintaining constant iteration in the development of the product in order to match the evolutions in the users' behaviour.

Whether one wishes to explore a market opportunity or has an idea for a product or a service: our process is based on the progressive validation of hypotheses, requiring a minimal investment, in short time cycles.

For who?

For all kinds of profiles involved from the conception to the management of innovative projects. We are expecting members from different backgrounds such as :

- Innovation 
- Digital
- Strategy 
- Marketing 
- Human resources

Goals of the Training

The aim of the day is to have a clear and better understanding of user-centered methodologies of innovation. At the end of this Design Thinking training, you will know how to :

- Build empathy with your users
- Conduct interviews and lead observations on the field
- Define the user journey and identify pain points along it
- Use creative methodologies of Ideation
- Define and build a prototype with limited resources and time
- Pitch to get your stakeholders' buy-in

Schedule for the Session

Day 1 : Introduction - Theory and examples
A few words about NUMA
Key concepts of Design Thinking through examples
Workshop: a practical experience
Case study: Immersion in a startup's shoes
Plan your user research
Develop empathy with your users
Analyse the data you got from the field
Draw your user journey, identifiy and prioritize the pain points

Day 2 : Ideation!
Design a tailor-made solution
Prototype your MVP Pitch your solution
Key takaways: how to use those methodologies in your company ?

* The tools you will use: Personas, interview guide, storyboard, design studio, MVP etc.

16 seats

Total Price of the Workshop: Rs. 18,500

This price includes:
* 2 day training
* A key takeaway book
* Lunch and breaks
* Networking high tea

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