NUMA Masterclass on Taming the Usability
Capsule lesson from Experts

NUMA Masterclass is designed to deliver a powerful capsule lesson from experienced professionals having an expertise over a niche subject matter. We believe in the power of community. Masterclass rightly provides a platform for the Bangalore Startup Ecosystem to be knitted more closely by sharing and disseminating knowledge.

On 14th September at 18:00 we are hosting a Masterclass with Ankur Sahay on Usability. Ankur Sahay is a young UX Expert working with SAP Labs India Pvt. Ltd. as a UX Designer. Trained as an Industrial designer he has been associated with National Design Business Incubation as a product designer.

The workshop will start with a short introduction to the importance and process of User Centred Design followed by a hands-on workshop on Usability. We will work on identifying Usability issues on certain key digital products of the recent time.

We will also have Ankur spend some time with startups providing key insights on Usability issues with their current product. This can prove to be very valuable for the participating startups.

We are looking forward to your participation.