Who are we?

Our Mission

NUMA empowers mission-driven tech entrepreneurs to solve the global problems of 2030.

Education, health, food, water, transportation, energy, work, transparency and security : we are dedicated to the subjects that conciliate an urgent need to act and a meaningful technological response.


Since 16 years, NUMA accelerates startups, supports corporates and public institutions in their innovative projects and hosts hundreds of events on various topics about tomorrow’s world.

Last year, NUMA decided to go global and opened branches in several cities around the world, including Bengaluru.

For whom?



NUMA [numa] (Paris, 2014) p.n. neologism made up by ‘numérique’ standing for digital and ‘humain’ standing for human

Our value

NUMA [numa] (Paris, 2014) p.n. neologism made up by ‘numérique’ standing for digital and ‘humain’ standing for human

At NUMA, we consider digital innovation as a way to create economic and social value.

Since the beginning, our model is made of two pillars: high performance and openness. We enable all types of entrepreneurs to collaborate. Start-ups, corporates, SME’s, communities and public institutions, far from opposing one another, can grow together and become mutually beneficial. This is our belief.
NUMA brings together under one umbrella synergetic activities: coworking, start-up acceleration, community outreach and open innovation programs.

Key figures


startups accelerated
since 2015

1000 +

applications to our acceleration program


events organized per year


visitors in 2015

50 +

employees involved in digital transformation programs

6 +

corporate innovation projects

CEO of NUMA Bengaluru

Souad Tenfiche
Souad drives NUMA Bengaluru’s operations, team and initiatives. She brings over 12 years of industry experience in the energy sector and in the areas of project management, technical consulting and corporate and institutional clients relationship management. In 2012, Souad moved to India to pursue her MBA and better understand the growth of emerging markets in general and emerging startup ecosystems in particular.

In Bangalore, Souad co-started Cobalt BLR, a collaborative workspace, the first of its kind in South India. In 2015, Souad initiated a joint-venture of Cobalt BLR and NUMA Paris (the 1st French Digital Startup Accelerator) to create NUMA Bengaluru.

The team

Farish CV

Lead Program Manager - Accelerator
Clarisse Tonon

Lead Program Manager - Corporate Innovation
Tulika Dasgupta

Community Manager
Ramesh K

Alexandre Dappel-Voisin

Startup Manager
Aditya Sheth

Growth Hacker
Juliette Mopin

Learning Project Manager
Shiva Kumar

Office Assistant
Debarati Rakshit

Innovation Program Manager

They came to NUMA

Zainab Bawa

CEO Hasgeek
Amuleek Bijral

CEO, Chai Point
Ishwar Sridharan

Co-Founder, Exotel
Praveen Rajaretnam

Co-Founder, Wooplr
Vijayakanth Nadadur

Co-Founder, Stride.ai
Nicolas Dufourcq

Director, BPI France
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Amy Jo Kim

Co-Founder, Shuffle Brain
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